If coffee is the nectar of the gods, then this is Thor’s coffeemaker.

Launched on Kickstarter last week, the OXX Coffeeboxx is the coffeemaker for the accident prone, the construction worker, or storm chaser. You can kick it, drop it, and light explosives under it—and it will still churn out cup after cup of soul-nourishing joe.

“The home appliance industry is called the home appliance industry for a reason,” says Jim Doan, founder of OXX. “It’s because they make appliances for the home. I wanted to create a company that was first to own the space outside the home.”

Doan worked at Whirlpool for six years before venturing on his own in 2012. He chose an indestructible coffeemaker as his first product because, as his company claims, “everybody loves coffee.”

The machine is a single-serving brewer compatible with any K-cup-style pod. The water reservoir is spill-proof, and the body is made from reinforced plastics. “We borrowed a lot from the tool industry,” says Doan, adding that he took everything he learned at Whirlpool and did exactly the opposite.

(Courtesy of OXX)

Instead of filming the product promo in a sleek kitchen with a perfectly preened soccer mom, Doan opted to shoot on a construction site—and to include some pyrotechnics. The Kickstarter video for the Coffeeboxx feels a bit like the printer scene from Office Space, although the Coffeeboxx fares better than that poor, ill-fated printer.

So far, Kickstarter contributors have raised almost $14,000 toward the company’s $50,000 goal. Doan says that all of the engineering and design work is complete; the company simply needs a cash infusion to begin production. Should OXX reach its fundraising goal, product delivery will begin in early 2015. 

While the Coffeeboxx is too big for backpackers to take advantage into the backcountry (and needs to be plugged into an outlet to work), it could be perfect for car camping or RVing.

“It’s for anyone who’s going to buy it because it’s badass tough,” says Doan.

Original article — https://www.outsideonline.com/1930116/coffee-machine-indestructible